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number 57 in the city

Liechtenstein Palace

Local name: Gartenpalais Liechtenstein

Located inside: Liechtenstein Park

The Garden Palace of the princely family of Liechtenstein is an elementary part of the city's history. It comes from 1700. After booking, tourists can explore its interior, which now, although still owned by the royal family, serves as a museum.
An important exhibit in the museum's collection is Badminton Cabinet, which is the most valuable piece of furniture in the world.

The palace has one of the largest Rubens collections and key works of artists such as van Dyck, Cranach, Raffael, Rembrandt and Hamilton. You can also see a rich bronze exhibition here.

The interiors of the building were decorated by artists such as Marcantonio Franceschini, Antonio Bellucci and Andrea Pozzo.


Attractions inside

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Fürstengasse 11090 Vienna , Austria