Austria    Vienna    Augarten
number 84 in the city


Local name: Augarten

Augarten is a city park spread over an area of 52.2 ha. The park has the oldest baroque gardens in the city. Colorful flowerbeds and discounts adorn park squares from which wide avenues of chestnut, ash, linden and maple depart. Since the nineteenth century, Augarten has become a popular place for social gatherings and cultural events. It was here in the Castle Garden Hall that the first of the famous Morning Concerts took place, which was conducted by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself.

There are various institutions in the park, such as: the Austrian film archive, the Flaktürme Augarten bunker complex from World War II, the porcelain factory, Gustinus Ambrosi's atelier, the church of the Mother of God parish, the retirement home, school facilities, including the famous boys' school and headquarters of the Vienna Boys' Choir Palais Augarten, recreational facilities, complex with swimming pool, sports fields and playgrounds.


Attractions inside

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    1020 Vienna , Austria