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Kursalon Vienna

Local name: Kursalon Wien

It is a historic, nineteenth-century music hall designed in the style of the Italian Renaissance by Johann Garben. It consists of four ballrooms, a large terrace of 1000 square meters and a restaurant. The facility organizes about 500 concerts a year, mostly by the orchestra from Alt Wien. In the regular repertoire you can hear the works of such composers as Strauss, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert.

The Kursalon building was built in 1867, five years after the creation of the Municipal Park in which it stands. The purpose of its creation was to provide a place of recreation and rest for people spending time in the park and those who wanted to drink water from nearby sources. Soon after the construction was completed, the concept of its purpose was changed and as early as 1868 Johann Strauss played the first concert here.

Kursalon has quickly become a meeting place for residents, and is now one of the most important (in the world of music) tourist attractions of the city.


Attractions inside

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