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Pathological-anatomical collection Narrenturm

Local name: Pathologisch-anatomische Sammlung im Narrenturm

The collection of the "Narrenturm" pathological and anatomical museum has approximately 45,000 exhibits. You can see here, among others human and animal organs preserved in formalin, showing lesions, such as the lungs of a smoker or child working in a mine. There are also old educational materials as well as medical instruments and instruments. Part of the collection are coins and medical stamps, as well as medical insignia.

The museum is housed in a round tower known as Narrenturm, erected in 1784. From its inception to 1866, it housed one of the first public institutions for the mentally ill. The museum was founded by Emperor Francis II in 1796 as the "Museum of the Pathological and Anatomical Institute". Since 1974, it has been a national museum.

During the construction of Narrenturm, a lightning conductor was installed on its ridge, elements of which have survived to this day. They are probably the oldest preserved fragments of this type of device in the world.


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