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Local name: Karlskirche

The church Karol Boromeusz is one of the most famous baroque buildings in Europe. The church was built in homage to St. To Karol Boromeusz, Archbishop of Milan. The temple was financed by Charles VI in 1713. The interior of the temple is full of beautiful sculptures and paintings. The fresco on the dome by John Michael Rottmayr from Salzburg and Gaetan Fanti, depicts the intercession of Karol Borromeusz, supported by the Virgin Mary. Around this scene are cardinal virtues. Frescoes in the side chapels are attributed to Daniel Gran.

The main altar made by Ferdynand Maxmilian Brokoff shows the ascension of the saint. The paintings in the side altars are authored by various artists, including: Daniel Gran, Sebastian Ricci, Martin Altomonte and Jakob van Schuppen. The church also has a wooden statue of St. Antoni by Josef Joseph. A vantage point has been opened at the top of the building, from which visitors can admire the stunning panorama of Vienna.


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Karlsplatz 101040 Vienna , Austria