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Castle Kreuzenstein

Local name: Burg Kreuzenstein

Kreuzenstein is a castle built in the nineteenth century on the remains of an earlier medieval castle. It was in ruins and demolished during the Thirty Years' War. What is unusual, fragments of medieval constructions from all over Europe were used to build the present facility, which was to ensure the authentic image of the building. In addition to visiting the castle, you can watch falconry shows. There is also a restaurant and hotel decorated in the style of a medieval tavern.

The history of Kreuzenstein, like most castles in Lower Austria, dates back to the 12th century. Until the Thirty Years War, the castle was never conquered. Only then did he fall into the hands of Swedish Field Marshal Lennart Torstensson, who after leaving Austria in 1645 blew up part of the building. In the eighteenth century, the castle was acquired by Count Wilczek, who accumulated a fortune thanks to the mines in Silesia. In 1874, Count Johann Nepomuk Wilczek began rebuilding the castle, but in a completely different style than the original architecture.


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    2100 Leobendorf , Austria