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Lower Austria is the largest of the Austrian regions. It covers the northeast of the country and surrounds its capital, Vienna. It is a very varied area, as well as attractive in terms of monuments. The famous Wachau Valley and Melk Abbey are located here.

The region consists of several different landscapes and land development parts. From the north there are plains and slightly wavy areas covered with vineyards. The Danube flows through the middle of the land, while the south is a land of ever higher hills and mountains with the so-called Vienna Forest, which is a popular recreational area for the inhabitants of the Austrian capital.

Lower Austria is the area where the Austrian state originated. Here is the oldest city of Austria, St. Polten standing on the site of the Roman Aleium Cetium. Many prehistoric remains have also been discovered in the region, including the figurine of the famous Venus of Willendorf. The area is dotted with towns with traditional buildings, among which in addition to St. Polten is distinguished by the picturesque Zwettl.

The country is famous for its beautiful landscapes, numerous walking and cycling routes, and excellent vineyards descending into the Danube Valley. On the banks of the river in the UNESCO-listed Wachau Valley you can see numerous castles, while in the southern part of the region the high-mountain Semeringerbahn railway is an attraction. There are also several thermal baths in the region.

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