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Church of Carmel St. Josef Mayerling

Local name: Kirche Karmel St. Josef Mayerling

Caramel Josef Mayerling is a monastery of Carmelite nuns, housed in a former hunting palace. Its focal point is the neoclassical church. The altar was built in the place where the bed stood, on which in 1889 he committed suicide Prince Rudolf, the only son of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth. It was after this tragedy that the palace was transformed into a monastery and dedicated to the order.

Also worth noting is the side chapel, where there is a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, offered by the empress. It depicts Madonna with a heart pierced by a dagger of anguish, which clearly refers to the experiences of the monarch.

In the monastery you can also see the original sarcophagus of Maria Vetsera, the killed mistress of the prince. Her corpse rested in it until World War II, when it was destroyed and plundered. It has been publicly displayed since 2007, along with several wooden planks from the first makeshift casket, in which the Baroness Vetsera was buried for the first few months.


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