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Klosterneuburg is a city in the vicinity of Vienna, on the edge of the Vienna Woods. Its biggest attraction is one of the longest-working Augustinian monasteries in the world, which is a great example of architecture and an important object of Austria's cultural heritage.

The city is located just 4 km from the borders of Vienna. They are separated from the capital by a belt of hills, the most famous of which is Kahlenberg, on the top of which stands a church in which Jan III Sobieski prayed after the Victoria of Vienna and Leopolsberg.

The most important building that catches the eye of everyone who comes to Klosterneuburg is the monumental abbey of Augustians standing on the hill. It was founded in the 12th century, and owes its present appearance to the reconstruction of the 18th century. It was then that Charles VI of Habsburg decided to build a monastery and palace complex modeled on the Spanish Eskorial.

In addition to the lump itself, priceless works of art and Baroque frescoes, the abbey is also known as one of the oldest wine production sites in Austria. The cellars, stretching under the monastery at a depth of 36 m, are open to the public with a guide.

The city itself also boasts its wine traditions. There are several dozen wineries and wine shops that organize wine tastings and shows. With many of them grow small vineyards, which builds their climate and a nice atmosphere.

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