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Museum of Military History

Local name: Heeresgeschichtliches Museum

The Military History Museum is located in the Vienna Arsenal building, in close proximity to the Belvedere Palace and is currently one of the world's oldest museums of this type. On the ground floor there are exhibitions devoted to World War I and II, while on the first floor there are earlier periods. One of the main attractions is the original car of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in which he was shot.

The permanent exhibition is divided into several themes - the Thirty Years War, Turkish Wars, Eugeniusz Sabaudzki, Maria Teresa, Napoleonic Wars, Radetzsky Hall, Franciszek Józef Hall, Sarajevo, World War I, 1918-1945, Austrian Navy and Artillery Exhibition.

The museum also has tanks - they form a separate exhibition in front of the building. In addition to numerous exhibits, visitors can also watch several movies from the era.

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Arsenal Objekt 11030 Vienna , Austria