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Baden bei Wien is a spa town on the edge of the Vienna Woods, just 25 km from Vienna. The local sulfur waters have been known since Roman times, and the resort flourished during the Roman Empire in the 19th century, when rulers of Austria-Hungary eagerly rested here.

The ruins of ancient thermal springs preserved to this day testify to the Roman past of the spa. However, the atmosphere of the imperial resort attracts tourists to Baden. The center is built up with eclectic and neoclassical buildings from the 19th century. Next to it there is a picturesque spa park with the former Spa House turned into a casino today. Due to its importance in the development of spas in Europe and the preserved buildings, Baden bei Wien has been reported together with 10 other resorts from all over Europe for a joint entry on the UNESCO list.

The main wealth of Beden bei Wien is its sulfur mineral waters. They are used in dozens of sanatoriums, holiday homes and spa facilities, where they are used for both bathing and drinking, as a support for various treatments.

Baden bei Wien is on the one hand a lively resort and place of relaxation, and on the other an excellent starting point for hiking and biking tours in the Vienna Woods. The local, forested hills that are part of the Eastern Alps are perfect for active tourism. Tens of kilometers of trails marked out in the area favor it.

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