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Türkenschanz Park

Local name: Türkenschanzpark

Tuerkenschanzpark is a city park located in the suburbs of Vienna. The area of 150,000 m2 makes Tuerkenschanzpark the largest green area in Vienna. The park was opened in 1888 in a place where once there were ground defensive fortifications from the period of the 5th Austrian-Turkish war. The most interesting places include the famous Kahlenberg hill, on which, on September 12, 1683, King of Poland Jan III Sobieski defeated the Tatar army in the Battle of Vienna.

Türkenschanzpark is also known for its interesting, rare botanical plants and an unusual landscape interspersed with neat flower beds, arbors, meadows and ponds with swans. The park is a popular place where the Viennese go on Sunday afternoons, organize picnics on the grass and sunbathe. The recreational part of the complex consists of playgrounds, tennis courts, playgrounds for children, horse riding routes and bicycle routes.


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