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Lookout tower Paulinenwarte

Local name: Aussichtsturm Paulinenwarte

Located inside: Türkenschanz Park

Aussichtsturm Paulinenwarte im Türkenschanzpark is a lookout tower at the Türkenschanzpark in Vienna. Türkenschanz was opened on September 30, 1888 by Emperor Franz Josef I. The park's opening ceremony took place in front of the central observation tower on the hill. From the observation deck of the tower there is a wide view of Vienna.

The tower originally had a dual function: it was not only a viewpoint, but also a pumping station, from which water was distributed to irrigate the park's green areas. At the bottom of the building there is still a metal tank.

The name of the Paulinenturm tower was given in honor of Princess Pauline Metternich, who donated many exotic plants to the English garden for the Türkenschanzpark.

For many years, the building was closed to visitors and fell into ruin. In autumn 2009, the city began renovating the building and after a year it was again made available to visitors.


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