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number 96 in the city

Lower Belvedere

Local name: Unteres Belvedere

The building called the Lower Belvedere is part of the Vienna Belvedere (along with the Upper Belvedere and the Orangery). Built in 1712-1716, it presents the Baroque style. Originally served as a residence. Currently, there is a museum here where temporary exhibitions are organized.

The leitmotif of various exhibitions presented at the facility is the presentation of Austrian art in an international context.

It is undoubtedly worth seeing this place because of its architecture. An example would be the Marble Room with triumphal arches, plaster medallions depicting scenes from the life of Apollo or a ceiling fresco.
The palace also has: The Golden Cabinet redesigned into a golden cabinet and the Grotesek Hall decorated with paintings depicting four elements and seasons by the painter Jonas Drentwett.


Attractions inside

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    Rennweg 6A1030 Vienna , Austria