Austria    Vienna    Millennium Tower
number 137 in the city

Millennium Tower

Local name: Millennium Tower

It is the second tallest building and the fourth tallest structure in Austria. It measures 171 meters and 51 floors. It is used for both commercial and residential purposes. Its total area is over 37,000 square meters. In the lowest parts of the building there are cafes, restaurants and a cinema.

The building outside the vantage point is a place of good entertainment. There are dance clubs, a casino, a shisha bar, a modern cinema, a karaoke bar and a playground for children. You can also come across a comedy group giving cyclical, but free performances.

The tower was built in 1999 and its construction went very quickly, on average there were about two and a half floors per week. The design was made by Gustav Peichl, Boris Podrecca and Rudolf F. Weber.


Attractions inside