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Local name: Künstlerhaus

Künstlerhaus, literally House of Artists, is a building constituting a cultural center and exhibition space, belonging to the Austrian Association of Artists. Exhibitions of fine arts, applied art, film and contemporary art take place here. Conferences, meetings with artists and other events are also organized here.

The Künstlerhaus is based in a building from the 1860s, which was designed by August Weber. It was established as the seat of the Austrian Artists' Association, which is the oldest artistic association still in existence in Austria. From the beginning, the building served as an exhibition space, but was modernized several times.

Since 1947, the Künstlerhaus has a cinema room, which is used, among others, in the organization of the Viennale film festival. Since 2014, the Künstlerhaus has also hosted the Wiener Festwochen festival center, the Vienna Festival.


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