Austria    Vienna    Maria Theresa Square
number 81 in the city

Maria Theresa Square

Local name: Maria-Theresien-Platz

Maria Teresa Square is surrounded by the two largest museum buildings in the city, the former Museum Kunsthistorisches Hofmuseum and the Naturalhistorisches Museum. In the center of the square is the statue of Maria Teresa from 1888, which is the largest monument of the Habsburgs in Vienna.

The centers of the four large lawns of the square are formed by the fountains of Triton and Najada from 1887, by Anton Schmidgruber, Hugo Haerdtl and Edmund Paul Hofmann. They are in round pools and represent groups of figures made of Carrara marble.

Until 1857, there were glacis here, i.e. empty spaces between the city walls serving as a field for using arrows with fire. Then it was planned to create a Caesar forum here, but the project was only partially implemented.

In the 21st century youth slogan, the square was named Zwidem (between museums) and became a meeting place for Viennese youth.


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