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Church at the Steinhof

Local name: Kirche am Steinhof

The church Leopold, better known as the church am Steinhof, is part of the hospital complex for the mentally ill. This building is one of the most important examples of Austrian Art Nouveau architecture, in particular religious architecture. The church has a high dome, made of gilded copper, which owes its colloquial name "lemon mountain".

The construction of the church took place in 1904-1907. The author of the design was the Austrian architect Otto Wagner. The two towers of the temple are crowned with sculptures of Saint Leopold and Saint Severus by Richard Luksch. The main entrance is decorated with figures of four angels made by Othmar Schimkowitz. The facade of the building is covered with Carrara marble.

The interior of the church is intricately decorated in white and gold colors. The equipment and interior design were made by Otto Wagner. Noteworthy are also the colorful stained glass windows by Koloman Moser.


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