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Jesuitenkirche - University Church

Local name: Jesuitenkirche - Universitätskirche

The Jesuit Church, also known as the University Church, is a two-story temple rebuilt in the early Baroque style. The interior is richly decorated, you can see marble pillars, gilding and numerous allegorical ceiling frescoes. The semi-circular vaulted ceiling was divided into four spans. There are images painted using illusory techniques, so-called quadrature. Attention is drawn especially to the dome created with this technique, painted on a flat part of the ceiling by Andrea Pozzo in 1703.

The church was built in 1623-1627 on the site of an earlier chapel, when the Jesuits merged their college with the philosophy and theology department of the University of Vienna. In 1703, Andrea Pozzo, architect, painter and sculptor, as well as a master in square, was asked by Emperor Leopold I to renovate the church. The twin towers were added and the facade was rebuilt in the style of the early Baroque with narrow horizontal and vertical sections.


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