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Located in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, the capital of Spain is a modern and colorful city. Although we won't find very old monuments here, due to its museums, headed by Prado is a mecca for art lovers. It is also associated with football because of one of the world's most famous clubs, Real Madrid, located here.

Madrid was founded in the 12th century, but it did not become the capital of Spain until 1561. It was only then that the construction boom began, which resulted in magnificent palaces, squares and churches in the baroque and neoclassical style. The center of Madrid is the Puerta del Sol square, where there is a zero stone for all Spanish roads. There is also a statue of a bear eating fruit from a wild strawberry, which refers to the city coat of arms. The main streets of the city radiate from here.

They lead to the most important monuments, famous palaces, including the Royal, Justice or Senate and churches. At the end of the twentieth century, the Almudena Cathedral, which was built the longest, was completed, whose plans were already created in the sixteenth century, and it was completed in 1993. Apart from the historic buildings, the local museums with the Prado, with one from the world's largest painting collections.

Madrid is a colorful and lively city in which fun plays a huge role. Great fiestas taking place several times a year are the occasion for it, with the most important at the end of the carnival when the whole city is having fun. In the evenings there are restaurants and bars, and in the summer squares with colorful umbrellas and gardens.

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