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The Garden of the Prince of Anglona

Local name: El Jardín del Príncipe de Anglona

Jardín del Príncipe de Anglona, or the Garden of the Duke of England is an example of the garden of the Spanish-Spanish aristocracy of the 18th century. In its central part you can see a fountain with a bowl placed on a spiral column of Solomonos. The paths lead from it in four directions, which lead to rose pergolas.

A low boxwood hedge grows along the alleys. A historic gazebo with a dome stands under a red brick wall. The park is located at Plaza de la Paja (Straw Square). Its area is 500 m². It was designed by Nicolas Chalmandrier, referring to the style of Arab gardens fashionable at that time.

The name of the park is associated with the person of the Duke of England - Pedro de Alcántar Téllez-Girón, who lived in the palace in the nineteenth century. In the 1820s, the prince was the director of the Prado Museum, he also actively participated in the struggles for Spain's independence.


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    Plaza de la Paja 628005 Madrid , Spain