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San Isidro Museum

Local name: Museo de San Isidro

The Museum of Saint Isidore (Museo San Isidro) in Madrid was opened in 2000 by the then mayor of the city, José María Álvarez del Manzano. There is an exhibition presenting 500,000 years of history of Madrid and its immediate surroundings. It was named after the patron of the city.

The exhibition was divided into three main parts: "Before Madrid", "Madrid", "Saint Isidore". In the first part you can see prehistoric exhibits and learn about the history of these lands before the appearance of the first urban buildings. The second part shows the rise and development of the Spanish capital. The last is dedicated to the patron of Madrid and the times in which he lived.

The permanent exhibition of the museum covers an area of approximately 600 m² in a building called the House of St. Isidore. It is a reconstruction of the original building, whose remains together with the Renaissance courtyard and the 17th-century chapel can be admired all the time.


Attractions inside

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    Plaza San Andrés 228005 Madrid , Spain