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Basilica of San Francisco el Grande

Local name: Basílica San Francisco El Grande

The Basilica of San Francisco el Grande dates from the 18th century. In the temple you can admire the paintings painted by seven outstanding painters of that era, it is incl. the work "Saint Bernard of Siena preaching to Alfonso V of Aragon" by Goya.

Monastery of saint Franciszka was founded here in the 13th century, a chapel stood here before. The basilica was built on the orders of King Charles III, who became its guardian. It was during his reign that the paintings of the greatest artists were commissioned. Paintings decorating the interior were made by Francisco Goya, Francisco Bayeu, Gregorio Ferro, Antonio González Velázquez, José del CastilloMariano, Salvador Maella and Andrés de la Calleja.

The basilica was built in the neoclassical style, the author of the design was Francisco Cabezas. At the end of the 19th century, its interiors were renovated, Carlos Luis de Ribera was responsible for the new design. New decorations were also made in the chapel of St. Jakub, the work was managed by José Casado del Alisal.

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