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St. Michael's Basilica

Local name: Basílica de San Miguel

The Basilica of San Miguel (Basílica de San Miguel) in Madrid is a baroque temple inscribed on the list of Spanish monuments. It is famous for its convex, semi-circular facade decorated with sculptures. allegories of Love and Hope and a relief showing St. Justa and Pastor. The eighteenth-century sculpture of Christ by Luis Salvador Carmona is also noteworthy.

The basilica was built in the 18th century. Italian architecture is visible in her architecture, the artist responsible for its design was Santiago Bonavia. The vaults of the nave are decorated with beautiful frescoes created by Bartolomé Rusca. The creators of the paintings decorating the interior of the temple are the González Velázquez brothers.

The temple currently belongs to the personal prelature of Opus Dei. In the past there was a church of St. Justa and Pastora, it was the first parish in Madrid.


Attractions inside

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