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Santa Cruz Church

Local name: Iglesia de Santa Cruz

Madrid's Holy Cross church (La iglesia de la Santa Cruz) is located in the monastery of Santo Tomás de Aquino, belonging to the Dominican Order. The temple is built in the neo-Gothic style of brick and white stone. It has one nave with eight side chapels. The most characteristic part of the church is the over 80-meter tower. Until 1920, it was the tallest building in the city.

The first church was built in this place in 1635. Unfortunately, it burned shortly after. Although it was rebuilt in 1660, the temple was still haunted by bad luck - further fires took place in 1756 and 1876. The ruined temple was demolished. The construction of the current church under the direction of Francisco de Cubas was inaugurated in 1889, but due to a lack of funds, work was not completed until 1902.

The Brotherhood of Santo Entierro de Madrid, one of the oldest in the city (founded in 1412), as well as the Brotherhood of María Santísima de Araceli have their headquarters here.


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