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Puerta del Sol

Local name: Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol, or the Sun Gate, is one of the main squares of Madrid. Visitors can see here the statue of King Charles III and a large statue depicting a bear who climbs his hind legs on a strawberry tree (coat of arms of Madrid). The so-called zero kilometer. A tourist attraction is the historic neon from the 1930s advertising the sherry producer - "Tío Pepe".

The former seat of the Royal Post Office is located at the square, where members of the Autonomous Council of the Province of Madrid are currently meeting. The building is decorated with a coat of arms, which King Charles III had, it is a medallion with the face of Hercules.

The zero kilometer marked on the square is the point from which the distance is measured on all signposts and maps of Spain. Puerta del Sol is considered the center of the whole country. In the 15th century there was an entry gate to the city, hence the name of the square.


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