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Municipal History Museum

Local name: Museo Municipal de Historia

The Madrid History Museum shows the city's history since its inception. The museum is headquartered in the list of monuments, the building of the Royal San Fernando Hospice from the 18th century. Its main facade was considered one of the most important examples of secular baroque architecture. The museum presents, among others model of the city from the 19th century and the work "Allegory of the City of Madrid" by Francisco Goya.

One of the most important exhibits is the city model made at the turn of the 1820s by the cartographer León Gil de Palacio. It is a scale model in 1: 816 scale, which was created in less than two years. All streets and buildings are shown here in great detail and faithfully.

The exhibition was arranged in 14 rooms. In them you can see old furniture, sculptures and paintings, as well as a rich porcelain collection. Visitors have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the old city plans, which are an irreplaceable source of knowledge about the history of the Spanish capital.


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