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Museum of Romanticism

Local name: Museo del Romanticismo

Museo del Romanticismo, or the Museum of Romanticism, was founded in 1924. The exhibition shows the daily life and customs of the nineteenth century in Spain, with particular emphasis on the romantic aesthetics fashionable at the time. The collection consists of antique furniture, textiles, paintings of famous painters and numerous trinkets.

The museum's headquarters is in the 18th-century palace of the Marquis de Matellan. The interior furnishings of wealthy Spanish families, typical for this period, have been faithfully reproduced here, thanks to which visitors will learn how members of the upper classes lived, rested and enjoyed themselves.

The museum has a large collection of canvases of famous artists, including: a portrait of Izabela II by Federico Madrazo, a painting "Satire for a romantic suicide" by Leonard Alenza y Nieto and a portrait of Saint Gregory the Great, painted by Goya.


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