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Dos de Mayo Square

Local name: Plaza Dos de Mayo

Plaza Dos de Mayo in Madrid, or 2. Maja Square, was named after the participants of the popular uprising that took place in 1808. In its central point there is a monumental gate, a former entrance to the palace of Monteleón (later barracks) and a monument by Antonio Solá Llansas, showing the heroic participants of the uprising: Luis Daoiz and Torres and Pedro Velarde.

The uprising that broke out on May 2, 1808 was organized to free Spain from the French occupation. Over 150 Frenchmen died during the fighting. Marshal Joachim Murmat sent troops to suppress him. Mamluks. Captured insurgents were shot.

May 2 is today one of the most important national holidays in Spain. Every year, on the anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising, official celebrations are organized, you can take part in them, among others just at Plaza Dos de Mayo.


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