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Cerralbo Museum

Local name: Museo Cerralbo

The Cerralbo Museum, based in the Cerralbo family palace, was established in the second half of the 19th century. The museum collection is made up of the private collections of the Marquis Enrique de Aguiler y Gambo. Artists whose canvases can be seen in the museum include: El Greco, Antonio de Pereda, and Miguel de Pret. Among other exhibits, sculptures from Roman times deserve special attention.

The authors of valuable drawings gathered here are, among others: Tadeo Zuccaro, Palma el Joven and Pietro da Cortona. Visitors can also admire the collection of arms and armor from Eastern Europe and the impressive collection of Meissen porcelain.

The Marquis de Cerralbo was known primarily as a politician, he was also a historian and collector. After his death, according to his will, most of the archaeological exhibits he collected were handed over to the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid. A foundation of his name was also established.


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