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Plaza de Oriente

Local name: Plaza de Oriente

Plaza de Oriente is one of Madrid's most important squares, which was founded in the mid-nineteenth century. You can admire the Royal Palace, the Royal Theater and the Royal Monastery of the Incarnation. It includes beautiful central gardens, Cape Noval and Lepanto gardens. A collection of sculptures representing twenty Spanish kings was set up here.

All sculptures were made in limestone in the 1850s, they were arranged in two rows. The authors are known sculptors of the time, including: Juan Domingo Olivieri, Felipe de Castro Salvador Carmona, Felipe del Corral and Juan de Villanueva.
Earlier in this place there were buildings of a medieval village, which with the thought of creating a representative square were completely demolished.

The square was founded on the initiative of King Józef Bonaparte. The author of the design was the Spanish architect Narcyo Pascual Colomer.


Attractions inside

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