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Gardens of Sabatini

Local name: Jardines de Sabatini

The Sabatini gardens created in the neoclassical style stretch on the north side of the Royal Palace in Madrid. Sculptures of Spanish rulers and fountains are harmoniously placed among the plants growing here.

The sculptures were created to decorate the Royal Palace, but because no space was found for them, they were placed outside. The gardens were designed in the 1930s by Farnand Garcia Mercadal. Established in the place where previously the royal stables were. It was opened to visitors in 1978 on the initiative of King Juan Carlos.

The characteristic feature of these gardens is symmetry. The green space is divided by a high hedge. The gardens were named after Sabatini, a royal architect who did not even lay his finger on their design. However, he designed the former stables where these gardens were created.


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