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Temple of Debod

Local name: Templo de Debod

Debod is an ancient Egyptian temple donated to Spain in 1968 as a thank you for helping to save monuments of ancient architecture. A special exhibition has been prepared for visitors here, which shows the history of the temple - for example, there is a detailed model of the building. You can also view a movie document.

The temple was built in the 2nd century BC in southern Egypt, was a place of worship of the god Amon, the perpetrator of the invisible wind and Isis, the goddess of fertility and the guardian of families.

The construction of the Aswan Dam started in 1960 was associated with the risk of flooding many historic buildings. UNESCO appealed for help to save them to countries around the world. Spain quickly responded to this call and took part in an international operation. A mock-up of the area where the dam was built was created for tourists.


Attractions inside

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