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Royal Palace of Madrid

Local name: Palacio Real de Madrid

The Royal Palace in Madrid dates from the 18th century and was built in the Baroque style on the initiative of Philip V Bourbon. Some of the 2,800 palace rooms are open to the public. The interiors of the palace have been decorated in Rococo and Classicist styles. The palace is the official seat of the royal family.

Palacio Real de Madrid stood in the place of the Royal Alcazar destroyed by fire. The work on the design of the new complex was entrusted to Filippo Juavara. However, the building he planned turned out to be too expensive, and Juavara himself soon died. Sacchetti, who replaced him, created the project with a much smaller scale.

The Sacchetti project can be admired while sightseeing. You cannot count on seeing the king walking in the courtyard, because he and his family live in a residence in the suburbs of the capital.


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