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Royal Theatre

Local name: Teatro Real

Teatro Real de Madrid (or simply the Royal Theater) is the Madrid Opera Theater. It is considered one of the most important facilities of this type not only in Spain but throughout Europe. This place is often visited by the Spanish royal family. It is located on Plaza de Oriente, opposite the Royal Palace and is one of the most important monuments of the city. You can visit the opera with a guide.

Teatro Real was founded in the mid-nineteenth century, during the time of King Ferdinand VII. The building was designed by Antonio López Aguado. Due to the lack of funds, work began in 1830. After the architect's death, the project was implemented by Teodoro Moreno. As a result of landslides while digging underground canals, this monument was almost completely destroyed. Its reconstruction and renovation lasted almost 10 years and ended only in 1998.


Attractions inside

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