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Royal Armory

Local name: Real Armería

Located inside: Royal Palace of Madrid

The Royal Armory at the Royal Palace in Madrid presents an unusual collection of weapons and armor. One of the most valuable exhibits is the full armor of Charles V, which the emperor used during the clash at Mühlberg in 1547.

This fight was commemorated by Titian in a Renaissance portrait painting entitled "Charles V after the Battle of Mühlberg". The collection also includes copies of small arms made by the famous Spanish gunsmith - Euseb Zuloaga González. He was considered a master in his profession, he gained a reputation during the Great Exhibition in London in 1851.

You can see here exhibits from the time of Charles V and Philip II, as well as examples of 19th-century weapons. An important part of the exhibition are royal trophies obtained during numerous war expeditions. The Royal Armory Collection was recognized by the Museum of Art History in Vienna as the most important collection of antique weapons in the world.


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    Calle de Bailén s/n28013 Madrid , Spain