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Royal Botanical Garden

Local name: Real Jardín Botánico

The Royal Botanical Garden is the research center of the Supreme Scientific Research Council in Madrid. Around 30,000 plant species from various regions of the world can be seen here. On the highest terrace among the greenery, a bust of Karol Linnaeus, a well-known Swedish naturalist, and the Villanueva pavilion have been placed - this is a former greenhouse, today used as an exhibition hall.

The garden was designed by Francesco Sabatini and Juan de Villanueva in a neoclassical and romantic style. It consists of four terraces, each of them has been designed differently. Strolling through the garden alleys, you can admire decorative shrubs, trees, herbs and flowers.

The first botanical garden in Madrid was established in 1755, the initiator of its creation was King Ferdinand VI. Initially, he was in Soto de Migas Calientes, only in 1774 at the behest of Carlos III he was moved to today's place.


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