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Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum

Local name: Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum at the Villahermos Palace together with the Prado Museum and the Queen Sofia Art Center belongs to the so-called Art Triangle. It presents paintings from the collection of Baron Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza and his son Hans Heinrich. You can admire the works of masters of paintings of different eras. The museum collection includes, among others: two oil paintings by Vincent van Gogh entitled Barges with coal from the 19th century

You can also admire the "Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni" by the Italian painter Domenic Ghirlandai (15th century) and "The Miracle of Saint Matthew who Tame Dragons" painted by Gabriel Malesskircher (15th century).

Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza began collecting art works in the 1920s. Taking advantage of the period of the great crisis in the United States, he bought paintings for quite low prices. Due to financial problems, their owners agreed to even the most adverse sales conditions.


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