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Cable car - Casa del Campo Station

Local name: Teleferico de Madrid - Estación de Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo in Madrid is a recreational area with an amusement park and zoo. It can be reached by the Teleferico de Madrid cable car, its final station is located here. From above, there is a beautiful view of the city, you can enjoy it sitting at the table of the local cafe.

Casa de Campo has restaurants and picnic areas. For sports lovers there are tennis courts, a modern swimming pool, a path for runners and cyclists and a boat rental next to an artificial lake. There are also many monuments here, you can admire the baroque Palacio de los Vargas and the Culebra Bridge from the 18th century.

The start station of Teleferico de Madrid is located in Paseo del Pintor Rosales. The route is 2.5 kilometers long. The queue officially opened in 1969. The Swiss company Von Roll is responsible for its construction. Eighty 5-passenger cabins are waiting for tourists.


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