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Madrid Zoo

Local name: Madrid Zoo Aquarium

The Madrid Zoo Aquarium is a 20-hectare zoo, located within Madrid's largest park, Casa de Campo. His showcase is breeding giant pandas. In addition to pandas, the Madrid zoo also has nice koalas, lemurs and dolphins.

The first two pandas - Shao Shao and Quian Quian appeared here in 1978, it was a gift for the King of Spain, who came to him from China. At the zoo, as a result of artificial insemination, several new members of this downy family have already been born over the years.

The dolphinarium has existed here since the late 1980s. Currently, they are inhabited by 9 bottlenose fish - 2 males and 7 females.

Madrid Zoo Aquarium belongs to the European Association of Zoological Gardens and Aquariums, which gives it the opportunity to exchange animals, and all its pupils guarantee a high level of breeding conditions.


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    Casa de Campo s/n28011 Madrid , Spain