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Madrid Railway Museum

Local name: Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid

The Madrid Railway Museum was opened in 1984. Its headquarters are located at the historic Delicias station from the 19th century. Here you can see an interesting exhibition, which consists of rolling stock from different eras. Examples of historic locomotives, from steam to electric, have been placed in the main hall. The exhibition shows the development of railways over the centuries.

While visiting the museum, you can trace the 150 years of the Spanish railway step by step. Here you can learn, for example, the conditions in which passengers once traveled. Next to the main hall there are several rooms with themed exhibitions, e.g. with old clocks, which used to measure the time until the departure of the next train.

The Madrid Railway Museum organizes temporary exhibitions and activities for children and adults - educational workshops, concerts, theater performances, guided tours, a flea market every first Sunday of the month and open days as part of the International Museum Day.


Attractions inside

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