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Church of San Manuel and San Benito

Local name: Parroquia San Manuel y San Benito

The church of San Manuel y San Benito in Madrid is an example of neo-Byzantine architecture, it has been included in the list of Spanish monuments. A characteristic feature of the building is the dome with pendentives, which are to symbolize the apostles. Inside the temple you can admire the altar made of white marble and antique tombs.

The Neo-Byzantine style is associated with Orthodox religious architecture. The design of the Madrid church clearly shows its elements - it was built on a Greek cross plan and topped with domes. According to the tradition of church architecture, the dome was a symbol of heaven and its inhabitants - God, saints and angels.

The temple was built at the beginning of the 20th century as the seat and church of the Augustinian order. It was designed by Fernando Arbós y Tremanti. The land on which it was founded was donated by the Catalan merchant Manuel Caviggioli with his wife Benito Maurici.


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