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National Archaeological Museum

Local name: Museo Arqueológico Nacional

The National Archaeological Museum in Madrid was founded on the initiative of Queen Isabella II. The most valuable exhibits are: treasure from Javea, treasure from Alisede and treasure from Guarrazar. The collection presenting the culture of ancient Egypt includes, among others statue of Pharaoh Nektanebo I., founder of the XXX Dynasty.

The museum collection consists primarily of old collections of Spanish rulers and archaeological excavations from various periods. There are 34 rooms here, in which you can admire copies of Paleolithic rock paintings, monuments of ancient Egypt and examples of ancient Iberian culture and art.

The exhibition focuses on showing and comparing elements of ancient cultures: Phoenician, Iberian, Greek, Roman and Etruscan. The museum's first seat was the Queen's Casino. In 1895 the collection was moved to a building erected in the neoclassical style. The author of his project was Francisco Jareño de Alarcona.


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