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Naval Museum

Local name: Museo Naval

The Museo Naval in Madrid, or the Naval Museum, is located at Paseo del Prado. One of its most valuable exhibits is the map of the world from 1500, which marked the American continent for the first time. Visitors to the museum can also see replicas of various types of boats, as well as fragments of the authentic San Diego galleon that sank in the Philippines in 1600.

The Naval Museum has gathered an impressive collection showing the history of the development of the naval armed forces in Spain and the history of maritime expeditions and discoveries. The map of the world presented here was created by Juan de la Cosa, an outstanding Spanish cartographer and traveler. He accompanied Columbus on his first expedition.

The museum also includes navigation devices, paintings and graphics. You can read the account of the journey of Christopher Columbus. The exhibits are displayed chronologically. The collection contains objects from different eras, from the 15th century to the present.


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    Paseo del Prado 528014 Madrid , Spain