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Sorolla Museum

Local name: Museo Sorolla

The Sorolla Museum in Madrid was founded on the initiative of the artist's widow. It mainly presents the works of the Spanish painter and graphic artist-impressionist, his private art collection is also gathered here. The museum's headquarters is the former home of the Sorollas. The interior of some rooms has remained unchanged, the original equipment has been preserved, so you can learn not only the master's work, but also his habits.

The museum exhibition includes various works of art that Sorolla collected. Among them were paintings by famous artists, including Anders Zorn, whom he was a great admirer. Visitors to the museum will also see a rich collection of ceramics, including the works of Daniel Zuloaga.

The museum also exhibits 289 sculptures, including those by Rodin, Trubeckko, Clara, and over 7,000 photographs - original and copies.


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Paseo del General Martínez Campos 3728010 Madrid , Spain