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National Museum of Natural Sciences

Local name: Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales

The collection of the National Museum of Natural History in Madrid consists of over 6 million exhibits. Among them is an unusual specimen, brought here from Argentina at the behest of Charles III - Megatherium americanum, a representative of the extinct chipfish. The symbol of the museum is the skeleton of an African elephant, which was placed in the main hall.

The beginnings of the museum are associated with the Royal Cabinet of Natural History, which was founded on the initiative of Charles III in the second half of the eighteenth century. Today you can see here, among others skeletons of prehistoric animals, models of long extinct species, and replicas of dinosaurs.

In the part of the museum devoted to the Mediterranean area you can admire the huge corals - Gorgon and a model of giant squid. The museum belongs to the Supreme Scientific Research Council.


Attractions inside

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