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Plaza de Colón

Local name: Plaza de Colón

Plaza de Colón, or Columbus Square, is one of the main squares in Madrid and a well-known tourist attraction. In its present form, it was created in 1893. Earlier this place was known as Plaza de Santiago. In the center of the square you can see a neo-Gothic monument from 1885 commemorating the figure of Christopher Columbus - a famous sailor and explorer of America.

The square also has a concrete sculpture depicting an anchor by Joaquin Vaquero Turcios. The individual blocks of the monument contain the sentences of philosophers and native politicians. A characteristic point of the square is the world's largest Spanish flag, which was hung on a 50-meter mast. The flag has been there since 2001.

The Jardines de Descubrimiento park is adjacent to Columbus Square. Nearby is the beautiful building of the National Library and the buildings of Madrid's Archaeological Museum. Under the surface, in the underground, the Madrid Cultural Center is located.

Plaza de Colón is also one of the main communication hubs of the Spanish capital. From here you can get to almost every corner of the city, and, especially for tourists, to the airport. Around the square there are also shops and cafes.


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