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Segovia Bridge

Local name: Puente de Segovia

The Segovia Renaissance Bridge in Madrid is an arched stone crossing over the Manzanares River. It is the oldest continuously existing bridge in the Spanish capital. It consists of 9 arches, of which the central arch has the greatest width. The light of the arches decreases gradually and symmetrically towards the edges. The bridge is made of granite and has numerous ornaments.

The creation of the Segovia Bridge is dated to the 13th century, when King Alfonso XI of Castile issued a regulation on its construction. Then the first bridge was built here, which had 13 arches. After its destruction another crossing was erected in the same place. King Philip II commissioned it to architect Juan de Herrera.

During the Spanish Civil War, the Segovia Bridge played an important role. He was controlled by the Republican faction, which was intended to prevent the entry of Franco's troops under General Yague into Madrid. In later years, a competition for its reconstruction was announced and some changes were made to the original form.


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