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Plaza de las Cortes - Statue of Cervantes

Local name: Plaza de las Cortes - Estatua de Miguel de Cervantes

Plaza de las Cortes is a square in Madrid where there are the seat of the Congress of Deputies and the popular Hotel Palace. An interesting event is associated with it. In 2005, the Mayor of Madrid Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon decided to rebuild this place. On December 5, 2009, workers carrying the Cervantes monument found a lead box in its base. It contained four volumes of Don Quixote from 1819 and various documents. The box and its contents (documents, medals and coins) were exhibited at a temporary exhibition in the courtyard of the Post Office. The monument stands in the square to this day.

In the nineteenth century, this square was part of the "Barrio de las Cortes". The building of the Congress of Deputies was inaugurated on October 10, 1843. It was made according to the design of Narciso Pascual and Colomera, and the work ended in 1850. In the central part of the square there were then two large eucalyptus trees that were destroyed during the cyclone in 1886.


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