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Park Fuente del Berro

Local name: Quinta de la Fuente del Berro

Quinta de la Fuente del Berro is a vast 13-hectare park located in the Salamanca district of Madrid. On its territory there is an old palace, a waterfall and several small ponds. Among the greenery stood monuments of famous personalities, including Russian novelist and playwright Alexander Pushkin.

The monuments in the park are also dedicated to the memory of the romantic writer Gustavo Adolfo Bécquero and the Spanish violinist Enrique Iniesta. The romantic nature of the park is emphasized by stone fountains. 6 gates lead to it, the main entrance is surrounded by two high towers.

The history of the Quinta de la Fuente del Berro park dates back to the first half of the 17th century, when Don Bernardino de Velasco Fernández bought land from the surrounding landowners and created a place known since then as Quinta de Miraflores. In 1954 the area was taken over by the city.


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